What are the best guns for home defense? This is a question that an increasing number of people are asking themselves due to increasing concerns over crime and personal safety. Choosing a gun can be a challenging process for novices who are buying a firearm for the first time. Here is a short guide to buying the right firearm for personal defense.

Best Guns For Home Defense: Pump Action Shotgun

This is one of the most recommended guns for home defense for a number of reasons. One, it is very easy to load and fire. All you have to do to load the shells into the gun, and the pump action of the rifle chambers a load into the chamber. After you pull the trigger, simply pump the gun to expel the used shell and the rifle automatically loads a new round. Another benefit is that the sound of a round being chambered is very intimidating.

Recommended brands of pump action shotguns are the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500, both of which are recognized to be very reliable firearms that can be bought for a reasonable price.

Best Guns For Home Defense: Revolvers

These iconic guns are popular among those who want to carry guns with them since the smaller models are lighter and can easily be kept in a bag. Revolvers come in single action and double action variants; the single action models require you to manually pull back the hammer before you fire while the double action revolvers don’t require you to do so. Recommended brands of revolvers are the iconic Smith and Wesson and the Ruger.

Semi-Automatic Pistols For Home Defense: For Advanced Users

If you have already gained some experience with handguns and would like to move up to a more powerful firearm, a Semi-Auto is the most recommended choice. These guns are the ones that are most often used by law enforcement officers, and as such are more complicated than Revolvers and Shotguns. Apart from having to be familiar with actions such as chambering rounds and operating safeties, it takes a certain level of skill to accurately fire a Semi-Automatic. Their effectiveness also varies depending on the caliber of ammunition used, with the 9mm being the most popular, although the .40 S&W is gaining due to the additional stopping power it provides.

sw_59Additional Gun Ownership Tips To Remember

  • Keep in mind that owning a gun is useless if you don’t have the skill to use it. So apart from choosing a gun, you will also have to sign up for classes that will not only teach you how to fire it properly but how to handle it safely.
  • The right gun is a matter of personal preference. So it is also very important that you try out guns before you make the decision to buy one. Go out to shooting ranges and ask if you can rent guns that you can test-fire. Remember, the best guns for home defense are the ones that you feel most comfortable using.
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