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M&P sport 2 vs Ruger AR 556

Today we’re going to be talking about two of the most popular entry to mid-level range Ar-15s. We sell them the most in our store. And these are the devices we get the most questions about. I’m going to compare these two and see the key differences.


Those both ar-15s are the Ruger an r56 and M&P sport 2. Just to give you a quick idea, the Ruger is at about $799, and MSRP is about $739. Keep in mind, $739 is a recommended retail price from the manufacturers. Typically, when you go to gun stores like ours, prices will be well below MSRP. But that will give you a good indication of the price range between these two.

In this blog post, we’re going to start with an unboxing of both of them to see what you’ll get in each box. Now, let’s go through the technical specs from the muzzle end to the butt end of the rifle, talking very specifically about the finish’s bores, both carrier groups, all that kind of stuff.

Smith & Wesson M&P Sport 2

We’re going to start with an unboxing of the Smith & Wesson M&P Sport two. This way, you’ll get an idea of the package you will get. Just a reminder, this is listed as cheaper of both. Again, MSRP is about $739. You will usually find these anywhere between about $590 to $650.

Jumping into this, I’m going to go ahead and open the box. Just a nice standard cardboard box, and it does come with a phone line top insert. I’m taking this out of the box and flip it over. You do have a chamber flag, so I’m going to pull this to the rear remove that. There’s an indication that the firearm is clear. I’m going close our firearm. Of course, it has these websites, and we’ll get into that a little later.

It is moving the firearm out of the way, going through the rest of the box contents. I’m going to tilt this up here for you a little bit. If I remove the second panel, we reveal all of our instructions, manual, warranty, information card for you to register the firearm. This is a little Magpul insert that tells you how to use and adjust your sights. It does come with a firearm safety lock and an unopened PMAG generation 2 or an M 2 P mag. It looks like we get this little AR tool guide, a little brochure that has some other products in here that you might be interested in if you’re into the ar-15.

Ruger AR 556

We now have the Ruger AR 556, kind of going up in price. MSRP is $799. Typically, you will find them in the $650 price range depending on your area. This one does have a standard cardboard box. We do have a thicker foam top panel. Then we will find the rifle, and you have a plastic sleeve over the barrel end. This also comes with a chamber flag here; I’m going to remove that.

Of course, you do have some Ruger; this is removable; it’s just kind of click clamped on there, just a little Ruger emblem there. You do also have your Ruger instruction manual and your warranty information documentation here in this manual. This one also comes with AP mag a generation 2, just like the Smith & Wesson did. Coming on over here, we don’t have our gun safety lock as well. And this does come with an ar-15 sight adjustment tool.


That’s all about it; thank you all for checking in with us. Hopefully, that answered many questions and will make it a little easier for you to decide precisely which one fits your needs. As you get into your first ar-15 or if it is not your first, make your second ar-15. Anyway, if you have any questions, please reach out to us through Email or comment section; we’d be happy to answer them. Or if there’s anything I left out, please let me know. Maybe I can touch on it in another post.

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