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P365XL vs P320 X Compact: Skinny or Stout?

In this blog, we will compare the brand-new cig p365 XL and the seat P320 X Compact.

Features are pretty much identical: you have the removable rear sight with a plate on it. The difference is that the p365 X compact will also fit the Delta point probe. Flat face triggers for cocking serrations have a standard light rail that fits in Harry’s holsters. Everything else, though, is pretty much identical – capacity, width, and length.

The lower edge is going to be a little under an inch and a quarter. That’s the end of the grip, so that’s the part that keeps going to matter most for concealment.

The 12 round is a magnificent difference in height. Concealability wise the 63-65 XL is going to win all day long.

If you’re going to an outdoor or indoor range and pick it up off the table grip, it is different from coming out of the holster.

We’re trying to get a good grip that fills the hand reasonably well. At least allows you the front, the back of your palm, and the front of your hand to get the deer grip on that gun. so I just find doing drills from the holster much easier with this gun.


Let’s assume that the reliability of these two guns is equal, and it’s both great. P365XL will be a great winter carry, or if you’re going to carry an appendix, you’re going to have a little more concealment more than likely, so this is an excellent option for that.

P320 X Compact is going to be an excellent summer carry gun. Shoot ability-wise, the X compact wins hands down. This is a very shootable gun for its size and as thin as it is. The average person will find it much fun and much easier to shoot this X compact well. Also, it’s a lot softer shooting, and it’s a lot more pleasurable to shoot this. This is a legit one hunter set funny on the sheet. I could shoot this all day long and enjoy it thoroughly. With P365XL, you’re going to get pretty tired after around 100 to 200. If you’re not that experienced machine or 50 under rounds, it’s going to be your point where you’re going to want to stop firing this. If you’re more experienced, it’s going to be around two to three hundred rounds.

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