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Cz 550 for sale

I have here a CZ 550 for sale in 9.3 by 62. Notice the full Mannlicher on this, the Bavarian-style the humpback - CZ 550 fs for sale. I have wanted one of these a rifle for quite some time the first time I saw one year ago I thought it was beautiful. Then, when I was in Germany over this past summer, I saw quite a few of them a lot of the pictures and carvings and stuff like, that that show like the old-time single set trigger, the 1800s, Early 1900s.

CZ-550 with the walnut stock shows the hunters and stuff like that, a lot of the carvings, and all that stuff. They always have these types of type of stalks on, so I saw a lot of them. I think they're beautiful, I love it.

So, I kind of looked around and who all carried one. And I've always heard really good things about CZ rifles. I've fired their pistols and I have one of their shotguns - CZ 550, CZ 455 for sale and CZ 452 for sale. I think they're all high-quality firearms, but I've never had a rifle. So, I went ahead and got it and I was kind of deciding on a caliber. And kind I wanted to since it was a German-style. I kind of wanted to go with the traditional European round. Here's the 9.3 by 62 it's a pretty good, pretty good-sized round. CZ 550 American this first time for the high price for a Turkish walnut.

They read it for pretty much any medium skinned African and CZ 550 American games. And pretty much anything including a dangerous game in North America for price high. You can use 458 Lott and 550 lott in Africa, it's used for lying things like that. A little bit small for cape buffalo and for elephant, but you can use it for pretty much about anything else. I've even read CZ 550 in North America you can even use this for a white-tailed deer. Because even though it's a really big round a barrel length, it's a very slow-moving round, and a lot of the things I've been reading about it there's actually a lot less meat damage with this than there is with 30.6 or 308. Just because it's moving a lot slower. I cannot confirm that because I've never actually fired it at deer myself. But that's what I've read that's pretty much consensus and I've read that in a couple of different places. So, you can if you're interested in that topic you can google that or whatever find out more for a price low, or price high for firearms.

This right well here, just a couple of some of the stat stats. Does fire CZ 550 9.3 by 62 magazine, capacity is 5, it's a fixed magazine, the rate of twist is 1 in 10 inches for 416 Rigby. The weight of the rifle is 7.3 pounds and has all rights reserved. The whole length all together is 41.5 in a barrel at the 20.5 of these American CZ 550 firearms. This thing here is short, it's it feels like a carbine. It feels very light and very maneuverable. This would be a great rifle if you were hunting out of a deer stand or a blind or something like that. The barrel is cold hammer-forged barrel finishes blued, receivers finish blue. Stock is Turkish walnut of CZ 550 which I think is really nice-looking. And it's a Bavarian-style bolt action, Mannlicher, full stock, trigger a singer, is adjustable. Sights are iron LPA adjustable with integrated 19-millimeter scope mounts. It's not quite the same as a little bit wider I believe then like on air 15. The firing pin is three positions and has a stop at bolt lock of the American firearms. CZ 550 American guns have all rights reserved and for the first time in American market for the price low.

I'm just on the safety here, it's got safe all the way back which you can't do anything with. It's got the middle so you can work the bolt, but you can't pull the trigger and then you got fired. The magazine is typical there's a little latch right here. I'll say in general this rifle here is beautifully crafted. This is designed as this type of rifle is kind of a working-class rifle in Germany. The full stock it's meant to be used, it's not meant to be you know sit pretty on your mantel or anything like that. It's not as pretty as some of the other brands, that you'll see with the grille smooth stock. It's meant as a working rifle, this is something you use, abuse. CZ 550 American for the high price has bolt action, unlike 416 Rigby. The CZ 550 model is available.

would have our time abused Nick is in my - it's really nice looking, but it is meant to do that. This rifle is old school, I don't think there's any piece of plastic on this thing it's all metal. If you're looking for something in America probably back in the 30s, 40s maybe 50s, they made rifles like this, where it's just all mental. I looked in a trigger, I looked everywhere, I didn't see any plastic on it. I think the only plastic is the buttstock and this pad right here. I have to say also it is excellent because this thing kicks like this thing's a cannon, but it has a lot of recoil to it. However, this the butt piece here is so soft, that even though it's going to knock your shoulder back it doesn't hurt at all. So, it's a very sweet shooting rifle of the CZ 550.

The bolt-on it, I fire eight rounds out of it so, it's just a little bit sticky. I actually did have problems getting it back and forward sometimes, but I know that'll work out, it's only eight rounds through it. And a lot of the CZs and there's a lot of brands, they stick it first when you first start shooting them. But I know that with the CZ 550 it's going to work out and it's going to shoot smoothly.

I guess I should also mention just in case, I probably not too many people out there, but it's you're new to firearms CZ 550 is made in the Czech Republic. They've been making 550 rifles since 1936. They'd been around for a little while not as long as some of the other European makers where you know you have the Britta's I think they've been around since the 1500s or 1400 or whatever so. They are fairly new. I guess if you look at some of the other European makers. But been around for a little while they make high-quality firearms. I will say that at the bottom the checker in here is really nice and it really has a good grip especially this front grip and you grab that it's a nice solid grip on there. I love it. It doesn't take much for me to fall in love with rifles, especially pretty 550 rifles.

So, I guess I pretty much went over all the things I wanted to go over with this. The instruction manual comes a little CD with PDFs and all this stuff you can download in different languages.