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Sig P365 Vs Sig P938

Today we have a review for the Sig 365 Gen 2 versus the Sig Sauer p938 SAS Edition. These are two of my favorite 9-millimeters ever made, especially for concealed carry – possibly the best handguns ever built in the world, in my opinion.

First off, we’ll talk about the boxes in which they come. Gen 2 comes in a new all designed Sig box that is interesting.

It’s probably the most fantastic box that Seekers ever made besides some of the Legion custom boxes. If you ordered Allegiant, you could have the package shipped to your house for free.

With both of them, you got locks. Both of them come from the factory with two magnets. Sig 365 comes from the factory with two time-round mags, one with more peeking extension and one without. The Sig P938 comes with one pink extension mag and one nine extension bang.

P365 comes with everything from the factory: just regular flags. The P938 comes with an outside waistband holster. That’s a nice little touch.

The 365 and the 938 are two of the best pistols. They both come in night size from the factory. The Sig 938 comes with light night sights. The 365 comes with six new x-ray sights, so that’s pretty interesting.

Looking down the sides, you have a lot, lot longer side picture on the P365 than you go to the P938. The barrels are all the same size.

The P365 comes with a whole barrel kind of thing, but the P938 Sauer is slightly skinnier. The P365 has a better marrow. The P365 is a lot longer, even though it’s got the same size burl.

Actually, in the handle, the P938 is longer than P365. But P365 has a lot longer back on it. P365 has better wait like a balanced weight. It feels better balanced in your hand than the P938.

P365 comes with 2.10 round mags, and the 938 comes to 7 and the 6 round mag.


The trigger on both of these guns was excellent. This is probably one of the best triggers I’ve ever had on my own a striker-fired rifle in my life. It feels like a three-pound trigger.

This is a little bit closer to like the 1911 style. I like this trigger better just because I’m a little more used to it and the way it fits my fingers. I’ll say that the P938 has a better trigger.


The p938 you can carry in different ways – carry one locked, cocked, and safety up and take one with safety down, hammer down. You have to throw it back and shoot. Or you carry it without any in it, just have it like this racket and shoot.

P365 has only two ways to carry – locked and cocked, ready to rock or just nothing in it.

It just really depends if you like safeties. I like safeties, I trained with safeties, but I also have trained with Glocks before.

So I’m going to give this pretty much to the user, whichever one you are like better.


The P365 is 100% better for self-defense carry. But I like the P938 better because of the capacity and how well it feels in hand.

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