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July 12, 2022 by admin_bestguns with 0 comments

Springfield Hellcat Vs Glock 43

Today I will present you my review of two firearms. First is my wife’s Glock 43. The second one is also the gun of my wife, and this is a Springfield Hellcat. Let’s start!


First of all, we will take a look at the magazine. Springfield Hellcat magazine holds ten rounds, plus one in the chamber. Glock 43 fits six plus one chamber. I do believe they might have a seven-round magazine. On the Hellcat, there is a magazine that holds 12 rounds.

I do believe the Hellcat is almost one-third inch shorter. Somebody will have to go to a tape measure to figure that out, or you could just do it. But as for me, it’s shorter.

Test phase

If you put these two firearms together, they are both loaded. You could tell the Hellcat is smaller but holds more firepower. Now it is firepower with such a shorter barrel. Well, we’re going to find out here. I got some aluminum there, and we’re going to shoot at it. These guns are both locked, ready to rock, with no safeties on either one of these. I guess we’ll start the Glock, and I’ll move on to the Hellcat.

And I must say that I’m very impressed with Glock! I had one flyer that was a pretty good group. Some went through; some did not. Not saying my grouping was better with the Glock. I don’t know what it was.

On the other hand, the Hellcat felt like it got away from me when pulling the trigger. It was not precisely hitting where I was aiming. I tried aiming to the right, but it didn’t go to the right. I think since the Hellcat was a little shorter, that is why my group wasn’t better. I think I must practice more with the Hellcat. I guess one-third of an inch shorter barrel is a little harder to control.


Which one would you choose? Let me tell you my thoughts.

You can see that I chat both these reasonably well. I do enjoy owning both of them very much.

But with Glock, you have to rely on aftermarket support. However, this gun has a lot of strengths going for it. For a carry gun night, sights would need to be added. A lot of people have aftermarket triggers; I have an apex trigger I need to install that. But additional mag requires aftermarket support.

As for where the Hellcat comes in, complete with everything, which does have a tritium dot, a 13 round magazine that comes in the case, and many other things that I did not mention, so if you want something out of the case, in my opinion, the Hellcat is lovely, but I also love this Glock 43. What I’m primarily interested in hearing is what do you think?

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