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Springfield Hellcat VS Glock 43X

Why are we reviewing these two guns specifically? We have millions of new owners, we have millions of existing owners, and hopefully millions more to come. In those millions of owners, we have many people looking to get into that like micro or slimline compact, to make carrying every day very easy.

Now the Springfield hellcat is a perfect fit for a 13 plus one capacity in a tiny package.

Glock 43 gives you great capacity, and again tiny form factor on here, a little bit bigger than the Springfield, but still great. Both Springfield and the Glock have excellent reputations at this point. But they do have a very different feel in hand, which we will go over when we get up close to these things.

We’re going through the specs on these two guns. Next to each other what they look alike. So, let’s start with our Glock 43x. We’re going to go through these specs, and I’m going to read them right off Glock’s website.

Glock 43X

We got that basic gen five kinds of the stipple, no finger grooves, and basic trigger guard. It’s the usual Glock. This is an earlier uh generation one, so it has the silver slide. They’ve got the blackout now. They’re going to have one with the rail. The gun has the apex trigger, and it has a couple of aftermarket things on it, just to make it a little better for my big old hands. Glock, as usual, you got a little bit of relief right here for where your thumb goes.

And that’s going to be on both sides.

Moving forward, we’ve got front serrations, rear serrations. This one did come with the factory night sights on it. It has a swappable magazine release, which is pretty typical for all of the modern Glock offerings.

Let’s now get into the technical steps here. We know this is a nine-millimeter. It generally has the ten-round mags, but I’ve got these shield arms fifteen plus one bad boy. Glock weights 18.7 ounces with an empty mag. The trigger on it generally is just a Glock trigger. I’ve got the apex one in here, which is a solid upgrade. The overall length of this thing 6,5 inches. So 6.5 is going to be from the absolute back of the grip to the forward part.

The width of this thing is going to be 1.1 inches. Overall height is going to be 5.4 inches. Also, this model comes with multiple different versions, so it depends on what you will get.


The Springfield out of the box has a leg up. If you want to buy some aftermarket mags, you can get 15 plus one out of that 43x with those shield mags. But they’re out of stock, and they are costly. It’s kind of hit or miss depending on what you are looking for. Now overall, feel and function out on the range. I’ve got to give it to the Hellcat even though the recoil impulse was a little bit more noticeable.

I find that my point of aim on this is far more natural than it is on the 43x because this Glock still has that aggressive back strap angle.

The hellcat is far flatter, as far as that grip goes. It feels so much better even with the indexing points.

When you compare them directly out of the box, the Hellcat just gives you a little bit more. The 43x has a railed version now, and the mos systems are coming out like 48. So those more options are coming, but out of the box, as these two are compared, the hellcat just gives me a little more of what I like.

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