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July 12, 2022 by admin_bestguns with 0 comments

Taurus G2s vs G2c

Today we review two guns from Taurus – C2s and C2c.

I came upon the G quite a while back, maybe over a year ago. I used to call the PTO 111, and it had some problems. They cleaned it up, and I bought one of those. Then it ran fine, and it didn’t give me any trouble at all. Later they came out with the G2C, and they made some changes to get rid of the Taurus lock.

Now it’s a little heavy; I’m kind of a single stack guy, which is twelve rounds. It is Compaq, it shoots and runs well. I was still looking for something close to that.

Taurus announced their G2S and classic firearms have them for $199. So I got on it right away. I did bother looking at reviews: so single stack, seven rounds, plus one.


Taurus G2C is 1.09, it’s almost 1.1 inches, and the G2S is 0.93 inches. So it’s quite a bit of difference here. S means for slim, that’s kind of in keeping with some of their trade name style, or it can mean single stack.

Both of the guns are nice and handy. A 2-millimeter fiber-optic front and gives you an actual quick site acquisition. I use them in competition all the time with my other pistols. They also offer a couple of different versions of their return spring recoil spring assembly, a nice unit. Stainless steel runs and drives perfectly. They also provide this in carbon steel, and I like the stainless.

Upgrade this $200 pistol adds to it. I put through my torture test of running all my off-spec competition rounds through it, various weights, charge loads, and everything run without problem.


I have only good things to say for Taurus about these two gun editions. It looks like they’ve got some new engineering design teams going on over there, and I like what they’re doing. I want them to make this cut through right here. I think it adds a lot of character and functionality to the pistol.

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