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About Us

Our goal is to provide access to the best firearms, whether modern or collectible, for the average American citizen. Whether you're after personal protection, practice shooting, or hunting equipment, we offer access to all kinds of guns, brands, and ammunition.

We collaborate with a wide variety of stores, so we have access to their inventories for a deeper search. We take pride in offering the best gun search engine on the market being able to find less known or collectible firearms as well.

Our users have the possibility to compare deals from different stores, as well as gun conditions, age, and possible extras. We know you want to find the best possible deal out there, so we strive to offer an exclusive comparison tool to help you make an informed decision.

Unable to find your favorite gun? Looking for a rare collectible? Many of our users use our service to find rare guns, as well as old collectibles.

Our website updates partner stores’ inventories as soon as they’re up. Simply sign up for notifications regarding a gun you can't find, and we'll notify you as soon as stocks are updated. You'll then be able to purchase it within minutes only.

We can also send notifications if you find a gun to be too expensive. We’ll let you know once the price drops or whether it’s part of a special offer.

At Best Guns, everything we do revolves around our customers’ needs. We’ve managed to establish solid collaborations with some of the most reputable and top rated gun stores in the country, only to guarantee excellent deals and high quality firearms.

No matter what kind of guns you’re after, chances are our extensive network of providers will be able to give you great results and exclusive deals you can’t find anywhere else.