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Chiappa Rhino For Sale

The firearm design does not leave too much room for innovation. Sure, small details can make the difference and help a gun stand out in the crowd, but this is pretty much it. Every now and then, new guns aim to change the perception of firearms due to their unusual designs. This is the idea you might get when running into a Chiappa Rhino for sale. The revolver is one of the most untouched designs on the market – most other types of guns have faced various changes, but this one stands out with its classic profile. However, Chiappa has added a few extras to make it even better.

A Few Words About Chiappa Firearms

Chiappa Firearms was established in 1958. Back then, it was known as Armi Sport. The company has grown and is now producing around 60,000 guns a year. It is headquartered in Brescia, Italy, yet it has some subsidiaries for other markets too. The American headquarters are located in Dayton, Ohio. Chiappa Firearms has both handguns and long guns in its portfolio. Some of its handguns are known to replicate more famous models, but with slight improvements, of course. Now that you know a little about the brand, what should you know before rushing to a Chiappa Rhino for sale?

Chiappa Rhino For Sale – What To Expect

The Rhino revolver is available in more variants. When finding one, you will notice different number codes in each name – the name is usually given to underline the length of the barrel. Some of the most popular models include 20D, 20DS, 30DS, 40DS, 50DS and 60DS – two to six inches for the barrel. The 40DS is one of the best-selling options out there, so you are more likely to find this one. Each model comes with different sizing standards – most of them are smaller and lighter than their competition though. For instance, the 40DS model weighs around 1.87 pounds. It measures 8.5 inches altogether – four inches just for the barrel.

Chiappa Rhino Revolver Design Considerations

The unique edge is one of the most impressive considerations associated with this gun. You have a Picatinny rail to come up with various attachments. You can attach a laser or perhaps a light. Such features are quite rare in revolvers, hence the pleasant surprise. In fact, the 60DS model features a small rail for optics too. Then, take a look at the hammer. Unlike other revolvers, this one does not move the hammer when you shoot. Instead, you can use it for cocking. Thumb the gun into single action modes. In this mode, you will notice a red indicator to prevent you from making mistakes. Go around the hammer and you will see a small lever behind it. Its main role is to open the cylinder without having to use both hands. Furthermore, the cylinder is not round, but hexagonal.

Adjustable Sights And Grip

Sights can be adjusted based on your personal necessities. At this point, there are lots of different sights compatible with this revolver. They are blacked out at the back, while the front side features red fiber optic. When it comes to the grip, it looks a bit classic and vintage. It does feel comfortable as you hold it though, which is another unusual – yet pleasant – surprise from Chiappa.

Shooting The Gun

A Chiappa Rhino for sale will bring you a fun and comfortable experience. The muzzle rise is minimal, so it is a pleasure to shoot with it. It is great for both beginners and more experienced shooters.


  • Many innovations in the design
  • Can take lots of attachments
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Multiple options to choose from


  • No attachments included in the package

Who Is Chiappa Rhino For?

The revolver is great for newbies who want to learn how to use a revolver. It also makes a nice collectible for those interested in foreign markets and firearms. It is good to use and legal in many parts of the world. Other than that, given its size, it makes a great self defense weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the prolific purpose of this revolver?

How is the recoil on Chiappa Rhino?

The recoil is minimal, meaning you can focus on the target without having to aim again.

Is Chiappa Rhino a reliable gun?

Chiappa Rhino brings in exquisite reliability. It is an old school revolver that will last for ages, yet it also features the design of a modern semi-automatic pistol.

Is Chiappa Rhino safe to dry fire?

Since the hammer does not move a pin into other parts, deformation is out of discussion, so it is alright to dry fire the revolver.


In the end, a reliable Chiappa Rhino for sale will certainly add to your experience. Whether this is your first revolver or you are used to such firearms, Chiappa's masterpiece will make the difference.   chiappa rhino