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Colt Peace Maker for sale

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Colt Army Peacemaker 45 LC 6 Round Spurred Hammer Revolver – P1870

From $1,699.41 in 5 stores
Caliber: .45 LC
Capacity: 6
Barrel Length: 7.5"


Colt Army Peacemaker 357 Magnum 6 Round Revolver – P1670

From $1,531.99 in 5 stores
Caliber: .357 Mag
Capacity: 6
Barrel Length: 7.5"
Finish per color: Color Case Hardened


Colt Army Peacemaker 357 Magnum Round Revolver, Blue – P1640

From $1,434.99 in 4 stores
Caliber: .357 Mag
Capacity: 6
Barrel Length: 4.75"

Colt Army Peacemaker 45 LC 6 Round Sp... From $1,699.41 in 5 stores In Stock
Colt Army Peacemaker 357 Magnum 6 Rou... From $1,531.99 in 5 stores In Stock
Colt Army Peacemaker 357 Magnum Round... From $1,434.99 in 4 stores In Stock

Colt Peace Maker for sale

The renowned Colt Single Action Army Revolver, famously known as the Peacemaker or the Colt .45, holds an esteemed place in American history. This iconic handgun, initially designed with a .45 Colt chamber, served as the standard military service revolver from 1873 to 1892. Although the US military phased it out over a century ago, the Colt Single Action Army continues to captivate enthusiasts.

Colt continues its production of the Single Action Army, and Umarex has introduced an airgun version, initially featuring a five-inch barrel and now offering a 7.5-inch cavalry tube. The extended-barrel SAA functions as a .177 pellet shooter and is available in blued or nickel finishes. Weighing 997 grams, it closely mirrors the real 7.5-inch SAA, which was slightly heavier at 1,048g. Despite the weight difference, the CO2-powered gun replicates the controls, making it one of the closest experiences to the authentic firearm.

The Legacy Endures The initial impression of the pistol revolves around the exceptional quality and lustrous blued finish. Umarex, having faced challenges with bluing in the past, has excelled with the SAA. The bluing is consistent, dark, and visually impressive straight out of the box.

The grips, constructed from shiny plastic with a dark wood pattern and a non-functional screw in the center, exhibit a level of acceptability. Although not an SAA expert, it seems that early models did not feature the screw, indicating a later addition. While the grips are satisfactory, considering the high quality of the gun, real wood grips would have been a nice touch. This review sample will be returned, but if it were mine, I might consider removing the grips and lightly sanding them to eliminate the high-gloss finish. Some enthusiasts opt for a subtle application of dark brown shoe polish, but this should be approached with caution.

Colt Peace Maker Price

The price of the Colt PeaceMaker for sale has not changed significantly recently. The best price of the Colt PeaceMaker in 2023 is about $1,500. It is almost impossible to buy a cheap Colt PeaceMaker even if you consider sites with used weapons. It is not difficult to buy Colt PeaceMaker online, today the choice is quite large.

Colt Peace Maker Pros and Cons


Historical Significance: The Colt Peacemaker, also known as the Single Action Army (SAA), carries a rich history as the iconic firearm of the American West, symbolizing frontier life and cowboy culture.

Timeless Design: Renowned for its classic design, the Peacemaker's aesthetics contribute to its legendary status, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate its vintage charm.

Replica Accuracy: Modern replicas, such as the Umarex airgun version, offer a close experience to the original Colt SAA, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the feel and operation of this historic firearm.

Versatility: Available in various barrel lengths and finishes, the Peacemaker caters to diverse preferences, providing options for both functional use and display.

CO2 Efficiency: In the case of CO2-powered versions, like the Umarex model, users can experience the Peacemaker's handling without the need for live ammunition, offering a safer yet authentic shooting experience.


Weight Discrepancy: While replicas strive for authenticity, there might be a slight weight difference compared to the original Colt SAA. Some enthusiasts may find this deviation notable.

Grip Material: The use of plastic for the grips, even if visually acceptable, might disappoint purists who prefer authentic materials like wood. The absence of a real wood option is a drawback for those seeking a higher level of craftsmanship.