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CZ 75 SP01 Tactical 9mm Suppressor-Ready Pistol with Night Sights, Urban Grey – 91253

From $699.99 in 4 stores
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 18
Barrel Length: 5.21"
Finish per color: Urban Grey


CZ SP01 9mm Pistol, Blue Henning – 91202

From $957.98 in 2 stores
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 22+1
Barrel Length: 4.6"
Finish per color: Black

​CZ P01 For Sale Reviewed

CZ P01 is known for its accuracy and reliability. With accent on the ergonomics, this handgun dominates its range and provides more comfort than any other handgun. Moreover, it has a lower recoils when compared to most pistols, so it is a pleasure to shoot. But what else should you know before looking for a CZ P01 for sale?

A Few Words About CZ

CZ is a Czech firearm manufacturer. Established in 1936, it is now one of the biggest handgun manufacturers in the world. Most of its pistols have raised the standards in the industry and dragged other brands behind them. The company has an American branch as well, known as CZ-USA.

CZ P01 Balance And Ergonomics

Ergonomics will not disappoint you. The grip profile feels super comfortable to hold. Grab a piece of clay and squeeze it – this is what the grip looks like. There are serrations to add to the security. They are quite deep, but they will not cause any discomfort. A bit of soft rubber also adds to the comfort. Since it is well balanced and very lightweight, the handgun feels like an extension of your hand. It feels natural – it feels like it belongs there. With these thoughts in mind, accuracy should never be a problem.

Accuracy And Functionality

Reliability is given by the harsh tests this handgun has gone through, from thousands of dry firings to dropping tests from various heights. It is a little machine that will fail a round every 2,000 successful rounds. In terms of functionality, the forward facing serrations on the slide add to the loading mechanism. You have a good grip to load the gun and clear potential stoppages. The beveled magwell also helps in the process. Accuracy will not let you down – mechanical purpose given by the slide in frame style.

9mm Luger, Rounds And Sights

You might want to consider 9mm Luger ammo too when looking for a CZ P01 for sale. The unit has enough room for 14 rounds, which is more than enough for personal defense. Sights are fixed and there is not too much room for improvement, but you are less likely to need them anyway.

Build, Safety And Sizing Considerations

The frame is based on aluminum. You have a cold hammer forged barrel –  3.75 inches. A decocking lever, a safety stop and a firing pin block safety add to the safety standards – great for beginners. As for the actual size, the unit is 7.2 inches long and just over five inches in height. It weighs a little over 28 ounces.


  • Compact and comfortable to use
  • Good and secure grip
  • Plenty of room for 14 rounds
  • Easy to load up
  • Solid and durable design


  • Sights are fixed

Who Is CZ P01 For?

Based on its safety and comfort standards, finding a CZ P01 for sale is an investment in your confidence. The gun feels great as you hold it. It is suitable for experienced shooters who want a more comfortable experience in a compact handgun. At the same time, it is very useful for newbies too. Generally speaking, the handgun is a top notch choice for personal protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about CZ P01?

Is the extra weight worth it?

Aluminum parts add to its weight, yet the handgun is still super lightweight and easy to shoot. In fact, the extra weight is excellent to soak up the recoil – keep your eye on the target.

Is CZ P01 reliable?

Reliability is one of the reasons wherefore CZ P01 is so popular these days. It can go for thousands of rounds without showing any signs of wear and tear – better rater than bigger and more powerful firearms.

What is the price for a CZ P01?

Prices vary based on the retailer and the condition of the gun. A new CZ P01 will go for around $600, but you can find cheaper used guns too.


Bottom line, finding a CZ P01 for sale definitely asks for a bit of consideration. The handgun is notorious for its reliability and power, so it makes a good choice for self defense and competition shooting.​