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Franchi affinity 3 for sale

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Why you should go for the Franchi Affinity 3?

With duck blinds getting brushed in upland seasons fast approaching and doves already falling, we thought that it is high time to lay out the details on a re-designed line of semi-auto shotguns, built for the field, the Franchi Affinity 3 and 3.5.

What is it?

The 3-inch 12- and 20-gauge Affinity 3 and 3.5 are an upgrade of the original, reborn in a more shooter friendly package. These shotguns are innovative, yet preserve the trusted principles of previous models, so if you search for the balance of these features-you have sort of found it. The unique design allures even the pickiest clients. Already intrigued? That is the perfect sign that we should already move to the next topic: now we will view the changes implemented in the new product for sale in more detail.

How does Franchi work?

To begin with, the Franchi Affinity 3 and 3.5 operate on the same fast clean cycling principles, that have made the Benelli Super Black Eagle famous. So, what is this tried and trusted principle of the new item for sale?

Now rather than directing gas through the system to cycle the action and inertia system operates via recoil. When the trigger is pulled on the latest product, the recoil sends a shotgun towards your shoulder. The bolt however moves forward in relation to this, pushing the rotating bolt head even tighter into the barrel extension and compressing the inertia spring located in the bolt body. Once the pressure drops enough, the compressed inertia spring releases, sending the bolt rearward to extract and eject the spent shell and recall the action. The stout recoil spring then sends the whole system back home, picking up a shell from the carrier to load into battery on its way.

Although it sounds like a complicated system and principle, in reality, it all happens in a fraction of a second.

So, a quick recap of what is going on inside the new shotgun and the functioning of the franchi affinity-new item for sale:

1)You pull a trigger;

2)Bolt moves forward to the barrel;

3)Pressure drops inside the barrel;

4)Bolt comes back;

5) The shotgun loads.

Since there is no gas involved the shotgun has a cleaner operating system too. Yes, now when it is time to clean the affinity 3, the recoil springs located around the magazine tube and the drop-out trigger group, make it easy.

Now, when the functionality is clear, we will proceed with the next important aspect - design:

Design of the semi-auto shotgun:

So other than a proven action, what does the franchi affinity 3 have going for? First of all, the available designs of different models differ. We will dwell on that more later in the article.

Picking up the device for the first time, you'll immediately be drawn to its slim design and lightweight. The 12-gauge 3-inch variants all weigh in at under 7 pounds. So, it does not matter if you go to the gym regularly, or enjoy less strenuous activities - this new product is a perfect match for you.

The franchi affinity 20 gauge all come in under 6 pounds, amazingly even the big 12-gauge 3.5 doesn't break this out pound mark. Now bringing either fire onto your shoulder, you'll notice the slim four end and slimmer pistol grip. Both with checkering to allow you to maintain a firm grip in gloves or bare hands. ATS a recoil pad sits in the rear to soak up hard-hitting game loads and is shaped to prevent snagging on clothing.

What is more, now Franchi also sells additional recoil pads of differing sizes to adjust the length of pull - a nice touch. For even more stock adjustments Franchi 20 gauge ships the Affinity with a shim kit to adjust the drop-in cast. Sling attachment points are included of course with one molded into the buttstock and one on the magazine cap. Vent ribbed and chrome-lined barrel lengths for the affinity range from 26 to 28 inches, with 26 being the only offering available in the 20-gauge models.

Now you'll find a red fiber-optic sight out front, but receivers on the entire affinity line are pre-drilled and tapped to accept optics. Despite all those high-end features Franky's most appreciated upgrades for hunters and shooters, are an oversized bolt handle and bolt release and of course an enlarged loading port. Simple changes, but as you'll know, they make all the difference in the world. Also, a great feature, one exclusive to the affinity 3.5, is an included removable internal balanced weight, that allows the shooter to customize the balance point if so desired.

Franchi Affinity 3 for sale:

This new semi-auto shotgun is available in a few different looks - from satin walnut to synthetic black, and camo dipped in mossy oak bottomland or real tree max 5.

The 3.5 model, however, is only available with a synthetic stock in black, bottomland, or max 5. Each firearm ships with three choke tubes. Full all in all, what do you get from the new Franchi 3 and 3.5 semi-autos - a true hunter shotgun. This a shotgun with the flawless operation, natural swinging ergonomics, and despite its lightweight a shotgun that didn't leave my shoulder black and blue. Affinity 3 and 3.5 are sportsmen shotguns, dependable, durable, fast, and light. This item is also pretty affordable and available online. With a real-world price tag around $800, it's a shotgun you can afford to carry into the swamps.

Why you should have this new item?

  1. There are two options to choose from - 3 and 3.5;
  2. These new models are lightweight and suitable even for beginners;
  3. The item is available for a reasonable price;
  4. Both 12 gauge and 20 gauge operate flawlessly.

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