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Marlin 336 for sale

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Marlin 336 for sale

Today we're looking at a bit of a classic. This is the Marlin 336 chambered in 3030 Winchester. It’s the cartridge in the caliber of the marlin model that's taken the most deer in the history of North America. So, if you think of the westerns of old and the spaghetti westerns, we grew up with the Clint Eastwood movies, you always think of three different rifles. It's usually the Winchester, the Henry rifles, and as well as the Marlin model. So, this particular Marlin 336 is a direct descendant of the 1893 model.

History of the marlin 336:

Marlin models were produced until 1936 when it evolved into the Marlin 36. And of course, in 1948 this one came to market known as the 336.

But not be misled by this history - in 2020 this is still a good buy. In 2007 Remington Arms Company bought Marlin as a whole. Rumor has it that 200 employees of the marlin company left whether they were laid off or left by themselves. However, those were the actual craftsmen. Remington was left with the machines the for you know all the molds of they'd need it, but they didn't really know what they were doing it seems. There was a lot of scrutiny on these rifles at that time. People were complaining about the fit and finish and so on. Not so much about the functionality, but seriously the fit and finish of the marlin guns. From what I can ascertain on the Internet people are pretty happy with today's iterations of these rifles of the item.

This particular item is not new but surely is a win. 30 30 Marlin is kind of in the middle. It's manufactured around 2014 so the fit and finish are not bad, but it's not spectacular either. So, what we going to do is we're going to take it inside and look at the features of model 336. Well, it's a lever gun that doesn't have many features, does not, however, make the item - gun any worse.

I'll show you a closer look at the Marlin 336 for sale and at actual fit and finish and you can decide for yourself.

Let's take a quick look at kind of what characteristics rifle of the marlin 336 has. It's not a very complicated machine, it's obviously a lever action. Pulling the lever down and up will cycle the action and it will reject the round and load up a new round from the tube. the way it loads us it's a side loader. the round goes in kind of an angle and it's pushed down into the tube. next round follows it and that's where it'll push on the primer as we said before. this particular one takes six rounds in the tube. the interesting thing about the Marlin and what make sure a little bit different is that it's not a top ejector like the Winchester sir. It leans much more for people who want to put scopes on these. I think this is a rifle it's supposed to be shot with open sights but that's just me. It takes six rounds in that tube there and it's got a bit of a fenced front sight post.

The rear sights are adjustable, it's buckhorn sights. interesting way of doing it though is you have to if you have to adjust the sight up or down, you literally have to pull up on the buckhorns and it's got this little sliding tab, that you can set it up and down. if you have to set it left or right, you literally have to take a mallet and whack this left-right so very crude but very effective sights. A side ejector and leans towards using scopes of the item in stock. Let's take a quick look at the fit and finish. I'm going to try and give you some close-ups. Then you can decide what you think, or it is good enough or not. That's kind of what the wood looks like there it's nothing that's gonna bother me personally.

There's a little bit of a gap there but again no ledges or anything that's gonna bother me. now that quite liked the wood, in my opinion, the fit and finish are really not too bad. Something that needs to be said about this rifle again the 30-30 marlin is are probably a cartridge, that has harvested the most deer in North America's history. It's a fantastic little brush gun item. It's a very simple mechanism that leans towards a lot of reliability of the item. Personally, I haven't had any issues with it at all, cycles perfectly. So, I like the model 336 item.

Advantages and disadvantages Of Marlin 336 model

• Henry's scope allows you to reload weapons at a speed comparable to the operation of a semi-automatic rifle mechanism. However, due to the bolt, which comes out almost 10 cm back from the receiver, it is impossible to keep weapons on the aiming line in stock.

• Thanks to the displacement of the cartridge of the marlin model 336 ejector window to the right side of the receiver of the new firearms, the dependence on dust and sand pollution has decreased, the weapon has become more reliable.

• The external trigger of the marlin 336 for sale has recently received the second recognition in stock among shooters as a design solution that provides greater security when handling weapons and new firearms.

• Slowly burning gunpowder generates another nice “trick”: this carbine does not have such brutal returns as other weapons of this caliber, therefore, there are specimens in the lineup of firearms in stock that can be used by teenagers.

• Equipping an under-barrel magazine of the marlin 336 for sale with ammunition with bullets, even blunt-pointed, carries some danger: in the event of falls and impacts, it is possible that the capsule will be tipped and exploded. Therefore, part of the proposed cartridges is supplied with bullets in a soft polymer shell in stock.

• Marlin 336 can be discharged only through the window of the ejector of shells by successive jerking of Henry's bracket, which cannot be considered convenient in stock.

Here we come to the final thoughts on the rifle of the marlin 3030. I think it's a fantastic little brush gun and they have lever action. It’s a collector's item, not by a longshot. But for the price and the utility you get out of this rifle, you can't beat it. It's a great truck gun, it's a great camping gun and you can hunt deer with it. it's fun to shoot and as a bonus makes you feel like Clint Eastwood. what I will do though is I'll probably add some items in stock. Skinner sights beep seitan and taller front sight. but just to make slight adjustments a little bit easier and a little bit more precise. Used guns and firearms are loading slower than the new item and guns. Lever action is also a bit different between new and used. So, pay attention to the state of loading of the new firearms loading in stock.


All in all, if you look for a new item, that could be used in action, pay your attention to the 35 Remington gun. It is loading as a new item, no matter how much time you have it in stock. So, if you want 30-30 win and the new item, make sure that the rights reserved for a barrel, firearms, action, and other things in stock. Also, pay attention to the state of the guns, how they can be used in action, how are they loading. And what is in stock.

Do not go cheap to win the bend item and new guns with a perfect barrel in stock. Also, check the state of the platform you order new item and guns on - pay attention that all item is in a good state and the rights reserved.