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Remington v3 tac 13 for sale

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Remington V3 Tac-13 12 GA 13" Barrel 5-Rounds w/ Strap

From $989.99 in 4 stores
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Capacity: 5+1
Barrel Length: 13"
Finish per color: Black

Remington V3 Tac-13 12 GA 13" Ba... From $989.99 in 4 stores In Stock

​Remington V3 TAC 13 For Sale

Finding a Remington V3 TAC 13 for sale could make your day. Featuring a dual piston gas block located ahead of the receiver, this unique design boosts reliability. The gas burning process is clean, while the pressure is consistent. Built on the V3 system, the firearm shoots differently than any other shotgun. It brings in a completely new experience that will trigger your senses a little. Now, what else should you know before looking for one?

A Few Words About Remington Arms Company

The American manufacturer is one of the largest brands in North America. Established in 1816, it is now headquartered in Madison, North Carolina, USA. The company developed a bunch of different firearms, as well as unique ammunition. It is also the oldest firearm brand in the USA to still manufacture its original product. Remington serves the entire world with its unique products. While it has struggled with a few bankruptcy issues over the past years, it is back on track these days. It has six different locations and represents the most common name in firearm stores. Every store out there will have at least a Remington firearm in stock. Now that you understand how popular the brand is, what should you know before looking for Remington V3 TAC 13 for sale?

Remington V3 TAC 13 Sizing Standards And Other Numbers

The shotgun comes with a barrel length of 13 inches, which means it is legal in most countries out there – always double check laws and regulations upfront though. It is quite compact, but it feels sturdy and masculine – 26.5 inches in length. The unit weighs just over six pounds, so it is easy to carry around and use. It features a 12 gauge configuration and a capacity of 5+1.

Remington V3 Tac updates from previous versions

Remington has designed multiple shotguns over time, but this one stands out in the crowd. It has a few aesthetic updates that will not make such a big difference, but the semi automatic profile is what makes it excellent. Finally, Remington has come up with a PGF auto loading shotgun. It has the capacity to mitigate recoil due to an innovative and proprietary system from Remington – the so-called Versaport system. Forget about random kicks or fumbled caused by the pump reloading. The receiver has also been upgraded – it is a bit larger than in other shotguns, but it does not feel very bulky or heavy.

Operation and efficiency

The Versaport system is the heart of this shotgun. The self-regulating system is patented and less likely to be found in other brands. The length of the shell tells the shotgun how many ports to open. For example, a three-inch shell will uncover four gas ports. Go for something shorter – such as a 2.75-inch shell – and the system will open eight all ports. The reason? Leaving more gas inside. Cycling is reliable and efficient. The system works wonders, but it is also simple to understand. Once ignited, the gas pushes a couple of pistons backward, which will also drive the bolt. Rings in the piston keep the gun clean. This is yet another innovation from Remington – after all, a shotgun can last for a lifetime, but it requires maintenance. This model requires very little care compared to its competition.

Comfort and convenience

Finding a Remington V3 TAC 13 for sale also implies knowing what to expect from it and how to use it. The shotgun comes with a hand strap, which provides more control over the muzzle. Make sure the strap is tight against your hand for full control. As for the grip, it is slightly larger than what you would expect from a shotgun, so it is comfy and secure. Control is even better if you slightly tilt the gun opposite the holding hand. For instance, if you are left handed, tilt it slightly to the right. The slight change in the wrist angle will ensure the recoil is easily absorbed by the arm.


  • Very simple to control – with or without experience
  • Unique technology to determine how many gas ports must be open
  • Large and comfortable grip
  • Little to no maintenance is required
  • Easy to use in all kinds of emergency situations


  • Not suitable for minishells

Who Is Remington V3 TAC 13 For?

Finding a Remington V3 TAC 13 for sale will give you an excellent self defense weapon. It is easy to shoot from more positions and can tackle emergency situations when you have no time to get ready – shoot it from waist height and you can still cause destruction, especially from a low range. It is great for outdoor adventures and can make a good choice in survival trips too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about Remington’s V3 TAC 13?

Is V3 TAC 13 a good gun?

Generally speaking, anything in the V3 range is considered to be superior. It has a soft recoil and it feels light. It is reliable and can be used by sport shooters, hunters, or those who need self defense. It is surprisingly good for what it has to offer.

Does the V3 shotgun come with chokes?

The V3 series is designed to be simple. It only has a few moving parts, aiming to reduce the maintenance. The whole gun can be disassembled within seconds only. It comes with three flush mounted chokes.

Is Remington V3 TAC 13 drilled and tapped?

Featuring a lightweight receiver made of aluminum and a light contour barrel, the shotgun is super lightweight. The receiver is, indeed, drilled and tapped. The primary goal is accepting a scope mount.


Bottom line, it is not that hard to find a Remington V3 TAC 13 for sale and the outcome will pleasantly surprise you. Whether this is your first shotgun or you are seasoned with them, you will be surprised to realize it shoots and feels differently. It is comfortable, reliable, light, and very easy to use.​