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Ruger Charger for Sale – A Front Runner Among Pistols

A Ruger Charger for sale could be the ideal addition to your gun collection if you want something special. It belongs to the popular 10/22 line of semi-automatic guns from Ruger. At first glance, the pistol may seem relatively small. However, as you get to use it, you will soon realize that it has much more in store for you.

About Ruger

Often referred to as Ruger, the company is officially known as Sturm, Ruger & Company. The firearm manufacturer was established in Connecticut, USA. It has more production facilities spread over a few other states though. It was established in 1949 by William Ruger and Alexander Sturm.

The company is responsible for semi-automatic, bolt action and single-shot guns – shotguns, rifles, pistols and revolvers. Based on the production, Ruger is now the largest firearm manufacturer in the USA.

Ruger Charger for sale features

Ruger Charger is one of the most popular platforms in the USA and for some great reasons. The design is solid and well put together. Given the price, you also get good value for money. Plus, the pistol can be easily upgraded and modified, so there is lots of room to customize it.

Ruger 22 Charger sizing and numbers

The pistol comes with a 22LR caliber. It is a semi-automatic gun with a detachable magazine and it has an overall weight of 3.25 pounds. Since it is slightly bigger than other pistols, it makes perfect sense to weigh a bit more – quality is never light though.

The barrel is eight inches in length and cold hammer forged. Overall, the pistol measures 17 inches. The platform is not new – in fact, it was introduced in 1964. However, the Charger came out in 2007 and was relaunched in 2014 with some technological improvements.

Ruger Charger grip and barrel

The pistol has an AR-style grip. Basically, it is compatible with pretty much every AR 15 grip on the market. There might be a few exceptions – less known aftermarket brands. Normally, you should have no issues whatsoever.

Other than that, you have a two-threaded barrel – factory threaded – to ensure ease of use with a suppressor.

Factory-installed Picatinny rail

When it comes to the Picatinny rail, it is located on the receiver and can take optics with no problems whatsoever.

Ready for attachments and extra uses

Ruger Charger has an unusual receiver. The rear comes with a QD sling cup point. It allows various attachments – such as for sling use. The Picatinny rail can also be used for pistol braces.

The unit is bipod ready too. You have a sling stud on the frontal side of the receiver – ideal for both bipod and sling use.


  • Good value for money
  • Impressively accurate
  • Compact design and construction
  • Reliable operation
  • Robust design


  • No factory brace solutions

Frequently asked questions

Still undecided about searching for a Ruger Charger for sale?

Is Ruger Charger discontinued now?

No, it is not. The pistol was discontinued for a while, then reintroduced with some extra features. These days, it is still being produced, so the pistol is widely available in most gun stores.

Can I put a stock on a Ruger Charger?

In theory, you can. However, you need to double-check local laws and regulations. A stock would allow you to fire the gun from your shoulder. In other words, the firearm would no longer be referred to as a pistol. Instead, it would be a rifle.

Is Ruger Charger an SBR?

Pistols like Ruger Charger do not require an ATF permit to own – always double-check local laws though, as they may differ from one state to another. In other words, you can forget about an SBR – unless you already have one.

Why you should buy Ruger Charger

Finding a Ruger Charger for sale will give you a solid, well-put-together, accurate and sophisticated pistol with plenty of customization options. Even if you do not necessarily purchase the newer version – the one reintroduced in 2014, you will still have a solid firearm that can help in self-defense, target or practice shooting.

The pistol gets the job done and, unlike other pistols, it is actually fun to use, hence its incredible popularity around the USA and not only. It does not require too much maintenance in the long run, which is another major plus.


As a short final conclusion, the price of a Ruger Charger for sale will pleasantly surprise you and give you great value for money. There is plenty of customization available and you can find all sorts of accessories to enhance your gun. Obviously, you must ensure they are fully compatible.

Other than that, the pistol has multiple uses and is suitable for both newbies and experienced gun owners.