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Smith and wesson 642 for sale

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Smith and Wesson 642 Pro Series Stainless .38 SPL 1.875 inch 5Rd No Lock

From $349.99 in 9 stores
Caliber: .38 S&W Special
Capacity: 5
Barrel Length: 1.875"
Finish per color: Stainless
Rounds: 5


Smith and Wesson 642 Deluxe 38spc Rosewood

From $0.00 in 6 stores
Caliber: .38 S&W Special
Capacity: 5
Barrel Length: 1.875"
Rounds: 5

Smith and Wesson 642 Pro Series Stain... From $349.99 in 9 stores In Stock
Smith and Wesson 642 Deluxe 38spc Ros... From $0.00 in 6 stores In Stock

Smith and Wesson 642 for sale

Today I've got a Smith & Wesson 642 airway revolver on the table. Smith is chambered in 38 special and is rated for plus P continuous duty with plus T. It’s a part of the smith and Wesson j-frame series. It does hold five rounds of 38 special and again it’s plus p-rated by Smith and Watson's for sale.

Nowadays it’s one of the most popular and best-selling compact five-shot short-barrel revolvers - Smith & Wesson Model 642. Many call this Smith Wesson the best pocket-sized revolver ever produced, due to its excellent combination of compactness, ease of use, reliability, accuracy, and convenience. The modern S&W Model 642 is based on the design of a number of the company's earlier revolvers.

Peculiarities of Smith Wesson 38 special p model

I have the Smith & Wesson 642 model. This is a j-frame revolver, this is the model 642, which means it's supposed to be a matte black. The Smith Wesson 642 is the stainless steel version, I'll give you some specs on this it has one in 7/8-inch barrel, it is a stainless steel barrel. The cylinder is a five-round cylinder and it is carbon stainless steel, it's rated for 38 special + P.

The frame is an aluminum alloy. The weight of this unloaded is under 15 ounces. The trigger pull is pretty long on this and I think between the trigger pull the length of the pole and the weight, which is above 10 pounds, it is a pretty tough trigger pull. That's why people run into issues with this thing.

I think people jump in because it is a snub nose and it's a nice size. But once they get to the range and they try to use that trigger pull and they're all over the target, they have some issues with it. Now my first suggestion is if you do buy one of these take it home and dry fire practice you need to get used to that trigger.

The barrel length of pull of the model 642 is pretty long, but I think with dry fire practice, if you really focus on that trigger, you can get used to it now. I guess you know to be the first pistol, you might not want to buy this. If you're used to a semi-auto and you're used to that light trigger pull it might be a little bit of a shock, but it's something you can get used to you. It goes to the range every time I go to the range and the good state.

Now I did change the original grips, the original grips are a column polymer, but it feels like rubber to me. They're flexible, you know the outside the inside is hard obviously, but it's a two-piece, where they meet in the front they do have a little finger groove and the back strap is exposed. I just traded them out for the Hogue mono grip, which is basically the same size.

They're the same size, it's just this is a one-piece model 642. The material that these hopes grips are made out of seems a little stickier, but these aren't bad. That the only reason, I changed it because I changed everything on my firearms, except for caliber of course. I don't keep the barrel stuck. But you know once you dry fire the 38 s w special and get the trigger broken, you can go online and see videos about how to clean up the trigger and barrel. However, go to official resources so that to have the rights reserved.

Before you take special p back and give up on it and you know sell it back to the shop or traded on something. There are several companies like Brownells and Wilson combat that sell the spring kits, where you can get the different hammer springs and different trigger springs and stuff. Also, they have rights reserved for selling different barrel length and caliber, e.g. caliber 38. I think the Wilson combat is under $10 and it gives you a variety of springs so that you can adjust it to your comfortable state. Smith Wesson j-frame is still reliable, you're not gonna have like primer strikes or anything like that. But then it might be something a little easier.

Now this does have I didn't talk about the sights, but it does having a fixed blade sight in the front. As well as a rear notch sight which is kind of a trench state. They're kind of minimal, but with the short sight radius on this. If you really work at the trigger. I like it, So I hope you enjoyed this and you got something out of it. It's a great pistol Smith & Wesson 442 38 special got five rounds of capable caliber. It's great for, in the pocket, it does have an internal hammer. I did forget to mention that so smith Wesson j-frame and alloy frame great for a pocket.

The grips on 38 s w special very small, very slim, and very simple, this special p. Though I've walked around with this sucker in my pocket, it feels really good. I'd certainly want a pocket holster for it and I'll probably get something like that at some point or perhaps and inside the waistband. Also, caliber 38 is the best.

Of course, it’s not the lightest but it doesn't take away from the purpose of this gun with caliber 38 for concealed carry a first gun a backup gun ankle gun you know whatever it is that you want something like this for so I would still consider this if you're looking for a gun in this category I think it will serve you well we'll do the video with the apex kit you'll find that that triggers a much nicer trigger and it's not very expensive 25 bucks or so to buy the kit and turn this into a very good little backup gun and alloy frame.