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Springfield Saint Edge for Sale – What to Know Before Spending Your Money

Find a Springfield Saint Edge for sale and you will take your shooting experience to another level. Springfield does not refer to its gun as the best on the market. It does not call it the ultimate firearm. However, as you look at it and explore its features, you realize this gun combines all the pluses in other similar firearms while clearing all the minuses.

The Saint family is not too old and it has never really disappointed. This is how Springfield joined the AR-15 market. The platform saw a bunch of different variations with major differences between them. The Edge platform was designed with performance in mind and has seen every feature maxed out. If you are picky and you like to upgrade guns, this model is for you – it does not need anything else.

Now, what do you need to know about it? What makes it stand out and what kind of features does it come with?

About Springfield

Based in Geneseo, Illinois, Springfield is a firearm manufacturer, but also an importer – providing access to guns made by other companies too. It was established in 1974 and imports famous handguns like Hellcat or the XD series. While similarly named, it has nothing to do with the former firearm manufacturer based in Massachusetts.

Springfield is mostly known for its rifles. Options are quite varied and include the M1A, as well as the Saint family – AR-15 rifles and short barrel rifles. Then, pistols are not to be overlooked either – XD or 911, among others. From all these, the Saint line is by far the most popular one and the Saint Edge is the most advanced firearm produced by Springfield.

Springfield Saint Edge for sale features

If you used the classic Saint pistol, get ready to face some major improvements. It came in 5.56 NATO and .300 BLK. However, the Edge variant only comes in 5.56 NATO – the classic ammo used by all NATO armies. The brace stands out in the crowd and makes this pistol unique in Springfield’s catalog – Maxim Defense COB brace. It is by far the most advanced pistol arm brace in commerce these days.

Springfield Armory Saint Edge design and sizing

The unit is relatively compact – get ready for a 10.3 moly barrel. It is based on chrome and feels relatively light. It is also coated with melonite. The 1:8-inch twist is not to be overlooked either. By far, the barrel is the element that puts most weight on the AR-15. A thick one is not necessarily needed in an AR pistol though – Springfield thought about it upfront.

Now, some people might be anxious about the thin barrel. The zero will shift when the unit gets hot. However, this is only a misconception and a wrongful scenario. If you do find yourself in a situation where you fire lots of ammo and the zero on the barrel has shifted, the tiny change will not really matter. Furthermore, you will love the weight – just over five pounds. The center of gravity goes in the middle of the magazine, so it feels stable and solid as you use it. Balance will never be an issue.

Saint Edge barrel design

The Saint Edge AR 15 rifle barrel has a classic A2 flash hider. It also runs on the carbine length gas system. By the gas block, the barrel is .625 inch. Besides, it is worth mentioning the gas block too. It is low profile and proprietary to Springfield – adjustable model too. Just like the barrel, the bolt carrier group is also coated in melonite.

The barrel has been fitted inside a handguard made of aluminum – just over nine inches in length. The handguard comes with all kinds of different features for attachments. There are M-LOK slots all over it. Plus, it features a hand stop at the front – made of aluminum. Again, these designs are proprietary to Springfield.

Springfield Saint Edge trigger

The trigger is one of the things that stand out when looking for a Springfield Saint Edge for sale. There are lots of ARs in this price range that come with basic and gritty triggers – the ones that make shooting a nightmare. No AR in this price range should have such a bad trigger, yet many of them do. Springfield has enhanced the Edge unit with a Match trigger.

This modern trigger is nice and crisp – a 3.75-pound trigger. It is a single-stage pull and it features a super short reset. Shooting is comfortable and the gun will not require too much time to get used to it. Grab it, hold it well and start shooting – it feels like it was specifically designed for you, making it quite convenient and easy to use.

Springfield Saint – the Edge numbers

The direct impingement semi-automatic carbine comes with 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. Its capacity can take 10, 20 or 30 rounds. It weighs just over six ounces and measures under 36 inches in length. The barrel length? Just 16 inches. It comes with a modular Match short reset single stage trigger and provides excellent value for money, considering many designs are unique and only available in Springfield’s firearms.


  • Lightweight, compact and comfortable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Smooth trigger
  • Many proprietary designs in its construction
  • Can take lots of accessories


  • No important accessories included

Frequently asked questions

Still unsure about finding a Springfield Saint Edge for sale?

What makes the Edge trigger so popular?

The Edge has a modular, short reset and match grade trigger. It is treated with melonite and features a single-stage operation. Chambered in 5.56, the trigger makes the operation extremely smooth and simple – zero creep.

Can Springfield Saint Edge shoot 223?

You can shoot 5.56mm and .223 Remington ammunition with Springfield Saint Edge.

Is Saint Edge accurate?

Saint Edge is probably the most accurate gun in its range. The accuracy is a direct consequence of the unique systems designed by Springfield, as well as the skilled artisans who put everything together.

Why you should buy Springfield Saint Edge

If you are after an AR pistol, Springfield Saint Edge provides the best value for money. It is surprising to see so many features and unique systems implemented for such a low price – the type of money you would buy a cheap basic AR with. Not only is it unique, but Springfield has put everything in this gun and it shows. It brought all of its technologies and features out.

The Edge is accurate, easy to shoot, comfortable, well designed, good looking and shoots both 5.56mm and .223 Remington ammo. There is just no way you can go wrong with it. It is suitable for self-defense, practice shooting, training, target shooting, hunting and so on.


As a short final conclusion, you cannot really go wrong with a Springfield Saint Edge for sale. If this is the first AR pistol you are getting, you will find it impossible to leave it. The more ARs you will try out later on, the more likely you are to stick to the Edge. If you have used other ARs before, you will notice some significant upgrades in pretty much everything.

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