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Stoeger coach gun for sale

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Stoeger coach gun for sale

Today we're taking a look at the Stoeger coach gun for sale. This is a nickel-plated walnut stock double-barrel side-by-side 12 gauge. This is two and three-quarter inch to 3 inches like a set, made by Stoeger in Brazil. It's got an 18-and-a-half-inch barrel on it. Very nice gun, for a reasonable price for the 20 gauge and 12 gauge too as well.

I've shot quite a few rounds through this gun item for sale myself and I've never had a single problem with it. It's nice checkering on the side, it's not like a hand checkering, it's kind of cheaper checkering but it's not bad. Beautiful wood, nice like looking walnut on there. The checkering goes down on the fore-end of this gun and the barrel length of Stoeger coach gun for sale.

Stoeger coach gun

A double trigger of the coach gun supreme, it's got a 2 trigger. I think the first item is the right second item is left. They were made famous by the Wells Fargo and other stagecoach lines. That would transport payrolls out west when that area of the country was being developed. This 12 gauge and gauge 20 side shotgun have all rights reserved, is available for a reasonable price for the recoil pad.

Now the Wells Fargo doesn't transport payroll by horse and buggy anymore out of the Old West. The coach gun had to find a new home and it's found the item in Cowboy Action Shooting. This item has been slicked up a little bit, it's a had a little bit of polishing and stuff done to it. So that when you go to open it up, it's it opens a little easier because in Cowboy Shooting time is your enemy in this.

There's no actual bad guy shooting at you, but what this does is it allows you to open it quicker now this gun has no ejectors, it does have an extractor. Now the extractor just pulls the shells out a little bit. So that you can grab ahold of them. The barrel length if the Stoeger coach gun supreme is perfect to be used for home defense. The side shotgun has a double trigger, brass bead, satin walnut, and all rights reserved. 12 gauge and 20 gauge both have a double trigger, perfect for home defense. The barrel length if the Stoeger coach gun for sale with the satin walnut and exceptional side shotgun with the finish stock and coach guns of the shotgun item.

Design if the 12 gauge Stoeger coach gun supreme

You also will find that'll take a cylinder hone and ream that out a little bit of polish it up some, so that shells slide out a lot easier. Now since they don't go flying out you actually have to either grab them and pull them out and put your tube next ones in. Or if you've got to slicked up a little bit you can just take it and they'll come flying right out. Also, this item has an automatic safety, so once you've cocked it like this and closed it back up it automatically sets the safety.

Peculiarities of the Stoeger coach gun side shotgun

This item has been disabled so once you pull it back it will stay back regardless of cocking it or not. It's been lightened up a little bit the spring in there has been lightened a little bit shortened up some so that when it does open up it opens up a lot easier now once you've fired it though. It's going to open a little bit harder because that spring tension is what's cocking the Hammers in there, but there are two internal hammers inside here. And that spring and pin are what cocks the Stoeger coach gun.

Pros and cons of the Stoeger coach gun

All right, and Cowboy Action Shooting time is your enemy. So, you've got to move quickly you're going to be doing a couple unloads and reloads on this with the higher arm. So, you want to be able to get those out of there. Now, this gun doesn't have ejectors to spit the shells out of there, but it's got extractors that pull them out a little bit. So, you got to get it open kick them out grab your next two rounds roll them in, and then you're ready to go 2-3 4 shotgun in stock again.

Gauge if the Stoeger 2-3 4 gun

One of the things you'll notice about a shotgun is the amount of damage it does. This is just a pumpkin there's a kind of hollow in there so there's not much of a hydraulic shock that hits it or anything. But still, there's a tremendous amount of damage that's done and these are just birdshot I'm using just target loads. `but you put buckshot in there a lot bigger caliber bb's in that thing and they'll really do some damage.

Alright, cleaning and caring for the Coach gun is pretty easy. There's a little lever right underneath here, just take your finger put it in there pull your fork stock off go ahead and open it for the gun item. The barrel of the gun comes right off, you've got easy access to go in there and clean that out. No rifling of the gun in there, it's a smoothbore so it's pretty easy to cleanout. Probably just take a bore mop and run it through there, bores snakes again, they make them for 12 gauge gun.

Types of the Stoeger coach gun

And those are some of my favorites item in stock for this price. Like I said it's a nickel-plated barrel, a little brass front bead sight on this shotgun. It's a pretty good-looking gun item, it is polished nickel, I'm not a big fan of 2-3 4 nickel, I would rather have stainless. But I don't know of anybody that makes a coach gun in stainless itself. The rest of the gun, I mean that's all your action right in there like I said this one's been cleaned up just had a little bit of metal polished up on everything in stock. These are what sets your trigger they're reset your hammers I guess I should say. The barrel length of this shotgun in stock is one more peculiarity of the Stoeger gun item for this price.

The barrel length of the Stoeger coach gun

Your firing pins are right in there takes a special little wrench to get in there and take those out, but not that you should need to. But occasionally a firing pin does get broke and there's a little spanner wrench it goes in there takes those out a little spring behind and everything. That's your release there to break it open, your safeties right on the back there. And like I said two triggers, I believe this item is the right side and this one is the left side. Don't ever pull your triggers when you've got the barrel off in stock for this price.

Recap of info on Stoeger coach gun in stock

If you do, they can be reset but you'll notice these will be in a different position and you can push it up against some wood and reset them. But putting it back together you just hook it right back in that pin there. Close it up, go ahead and take your front end, slide it right in there, push it up, it'll click that'll latch again and you're good to go.