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​Taurus TX22 For Sale Reviewed

Whether it comes to training, friendly competitions or self defense, finding a Taurus TX22 for sale could solve most of your problems. While relatively basic, this firearm will pleasantly surprise you. It has no fancy bells and whistles. Instead, it does the basics, but it does everything the right way. Now, going back in history, Taurus might have failed with a few other guns in the past. Some may see the TX22 with a bit of skepticism, but everyone who tested it – feel free to check all kinds of videos or reports – was impressed with its reliability.

A Few Words About Taurus

Taurus Armas belongs to a bigger conglomerate of companies – Forjas Taurus. The main company is a manufacturing conglomerate, while the Armas division is specialized in firearms only. Headquartered in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, the company is known for a wide variety of guns. None of them has managed to dominate its range. Relatively basic, some of them have gained no international notoriety at all. However, the TX22 stands out in the crowd and has successfully crossed the Brazilian border.

A quick introduction to Taurus TX22 for sale

Finding a Taurus TX22 for sale will give you a full size gun. It features a polymer frame and it is blow back operated. It is semi-automatic and does a fairly good job against its main competition – Beretta U22 Neos or Kel Tec CP33. While most of its competition is limited in the magazines they feature, the TX22 model has two 16 round magazines. At the same time, this firearm is significantly less expensive than its more reputable competition, meaning you can get excellent value for money.

Superior Grip

The grip is excellent. Taurus has spent two years designing it and it claims it was designed to ensure perfect wrist alignment and control, regardless of the hand size. It is ideal for small and super large hands with no issues at all. The grip is textured too, so the gun feels comfortable in your hand. The magazine release button is also easy to deal with – the grip has been designed around it too. There is one thing that Taurus has failed to pay attention to, but it is not that relevant – accessing the safety lever is a bit inconvenient if you want to do it with your thumb. You might need to break your grip to reach it, but this issue is common in many firearms.

TX22 22LR Suppressor

Looking at the gun, it does not seem suppressor ready. The muzzle hides the possibility to attach one quite easily. But then, the box features an adapter for one. Make sure the gun is not loaded. Lock the slide and take the cap off – simply unscrew it. If you find it stuck, you will find four flats to wrench on it. There is no suppressor in the package though, so you will have to buy one separately. Once on, it will boost the overall shooting experience and it will reduce the muzzle flip to minimum.

Unique Pittman Trigger System Pts

The trigger looks a bit unusual, but it will make the difference. It is an actual innovation that Taurus has even given a name – the Pittman Trigger System (PTS). Introduced by Jason Pittman, it comes with a hidden safety. Since it does not stand out, it will not cause any discomfort while shooting through heavy volumes of ammo. There are three trigger stages when shooting. First, you have the rotation to release the trigger. Second, you raise the block. The third stage releases the actual striker. You can actually feel the three stages as you shoot. It may seem a bit unusual at first, but you will get used to it in no time.

Accuracy And Functionality

Reliability is a must when shooting – otherwise, you just have a cheap gun. The TX22 can go through one round after another without showing any signs of wear and tear. It shoots accurately, with no malfunctions at all. Obviously, the quality of the ammo you use is supposed to make the difference, but this gun works wonders with inexpensive ammo as well.

Aiming And Sights

You have a rear sight that feels quite basic, but it gets the job done. It is low profile and more importantly, it can be adjusted. However, you may not necessarily need to make any adjustments to it. You can, however, implement more advanced sights on it – you might have to do a bit of research in terms of compatibility though.

Assembling And Disassembling The Gun

Pretty much every part you touch is based on stainless steel and features a good looking finishing. Some parts are left unfinished though. Disassembling the gun is piece of cake – make sure you release the trigger first. There should be no ammunition in the gun when doing it. The operation is quite intuitive if you have a bit of experience with guns. Other than that, the gun is relatively lightweight for its size – it barely weighs a pound. Apart from the polymer frame, Taurus has also brought in a bit of 7075 aluminum for the slide. Unlike most of the competition, this gun comes with a side ejection port – many other guns rely on top ejection.


Having a couple magazines – a double stack design – definitely helps, as you will not need to reload too often. Loading more than just a few rounds could be a bit of a challenge because the magazine spring is quite strong – you will need to get used to this aspect too. Luckily, Taurus supplies a plastic loading supply with every gun. Loading becomes much easier then.


  • Comes with an impressive trigger system
  • Features two magazines
  • Reliable and functional
  • Excellent grip
  • Good accuracy


  • Some systems may require a bit of time to get used to them

Who Is Taurus TX22 For?

A quality Taurus TX22 for sale is an excellent choice if you need to practice or this is the first gun you purchase. It has a good accuracy and it is easy to use – it is also solid, lightweight and well put together, so it will give you a good sense of control over it. Given its compact design and functionality, the gun is just as efficient with self defense purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about Taurus TX22?

Where is Taurus TX22 made?

While the manufacturer is headquartered in Brazil, Taurus TX22 is manufactured in the USA.

How many rounds does a Taurus TX22 hold?

The full size pistol features 16 rounds in the magazine, as well as an extra round in the chamber.

Does Taurus TX22 have a safety?

Taurus TX22 comes with an external safety, an internal one and a trigger safety.


Bottom line, finding a good Taurus TX22 for sale will give you excellent value for money. The full size pistol is excellent for a plethora of applications. It is designed with safety and comfort in mind and makes an excellent alternative that will not leave a hole in your wallet. It is excellent for self-defense, as well as training.​